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Custom Loyalty







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LIFT's unique loyalty marketing program is the only all-in-one Loyalty marketing tool kit, combining rewards, gift, prepaid and loyalty in a single card and an easy-to-use card management, marketing and promotion system that keeps making you money.

Custom for your business...

LIFT's Custom Loyalty program is designed for your business. From custom cards, to an online management and marketing system to a personal business coach your LIFT system is designed around your business and your customers.

Your LIFT Custom Loyalty Program

Guarantee future sales
Guarantee your business future sales by incenting your customers to prepay or purchase a gift card.

Your customers’ love’em. Your business needs them. Points are used to get customers to frequent your establishment and buy more. They’ll redeem the points for extra services, products or special offers.

No other marketing system provides you with information and PROOF that your marketing is working like LIFT.


The fastest way to increase sales-
Loyalty/Reward  Marketing

Loyalty and rewards programs are sweeping the nation. In today's competitive market your business needs a Loyalty and rewards program to keep your customers and stretch your word-of-mouth (WOM) marketing.


• 68% of consumers in a Loyalty/Reward program will recommend a program sponsor's brand within a year.


• Reduce your cost of marketing
It costs nearly 10 times more to market to new customers than it does to keep your customers loyal.


• Actively participating reward program members
are over three times more likely to suggest your business.


• Reward program members who have redeemed
rewards are 30% more likely to be WOM champions than those who have redeemed for discounts.