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The LIFT Customer Management Center

Reduce costs and increase profitability by strengthening customer loyalty

Did You Know?
Having an up-to-date and working customer database can double the value of your business!

Target Marketing
LIFT ODC (Online Data Center) retains your customers’ birthday, their address information, cell phone number and email address.

Tracks your customers’ spending habits, time and dates of purchases, and helps strengthen your relationships with your best customers.

Are Customers Cheating on You?
If your customer hasn’t been to your store in a while, get them back with one of our many direct marketing methods.


4 easy ways
             to enroll your customers

1. Rapid Capture - Simply swipe your customer's driver's license through your safe and secure LIFT system. **Preferred Method

2. Tap Type - Type your customers' information directly into your LIFT system.

3. Web Enrollment - Customers can register directly through the online balance center. click here

4. Sign up Form - Have your customers complete an enrollment form. Mail them to LIFT and we'll do it for you!