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Customer Testimonials

“My name is Lori, General Manager at Rossiters Harley Davidson in Sarasota, FL. Rossiters has used the LIFT Customer Loyalty program for over 4 years now. I think it has been a very beneficial program as it rewards customers for spending money here as opposed to another Harley Davidson location. I have seen it draw people from other businesses to our store simply because they get points. Many of our customers rack up over 5000 points on their card before they redeem. It makes them feel good and it makes them feel like they are getting something back from us. Our customers tend to shop around at different Harley dealerships. When they find something they like, they will actually wait to purchase it at our store because they want to get rewarded for spending. We currently have 6500 outstanding cards. We electronically collect customer data and export to different programs for marketing and mailing lists. We have over $85,000 in outstanding Gift Value & 3.2 million in outstanding rewards points. Rossiters has seen a 20% increase in total overall sales since the program started. We like to advertise that our customers have redeemed over 7.7 million points and counting… kind of like the McDonald’s sign. People get a kick out of it.”

* Lori Sinclair, General Manager
Rossiters Harley Davidson

“I would recommend this program to absolutely anyone because it has definitely created loyalty! There is so much competition in larger cities and when we opened our second location in Burlington, IA we needed to do something to set our bakery apart. I can think off the top of my head at least 15 customers who eat here 4 days a week just because of the card, where as before they would come only once a week. I had a customer who saved and saved their points enough to purchase 15 cheesecakes for her wedding. It has really worked well for us and has created a word-of-mouth to where we don’t even have to “sell” it anymore. It has been a win-win for both our business and our customers. We consistently have about $5000 in outstanding Gift Card money, which has more than paid for the entire program and have issued almost 130,000 points! We also just discovered the new partnership with Constant Contact which will help us in efficiently using the email addresses we have collected over the years. I’m so excited to take all this customer information to the next level! Thank You, LIFT!!”

* Martha Wolf
The Ivy Bake Shoppe & Cafe

“Since the implementation of our “cashless” lunch card, we have received nothing but POSITIVE feedback. Parents love the security and convenience of loading a lunch card as opposed to handing their kids cash. The cafeteria staff are able to use “hot key” buttons for lunch items and no longer need to dispense change. This has dramatically sped up our lunch lines and given our students more time to enjoy their lunch. The kids, of course, think they’re “cool” because they treat their lunch card like a credit card and show it off to their friends. Financially, our cafeteria sales were up 15 % this October as compared to last October, with half the amount of actual school days. A Million Thanks!”

* Nancy Wiggins
Abram’s Hebrew Academy

“I started my Rewards Card Program with LIFT in 2006. As an owner of 2 men’s clothing stores who also offers spa services, I needed a way to increase my customer base and customer loyalty. Through the use of their marketing program, I have exceeded my goals by 30% and have been able to accumulate over $13,000 in outstanding gift card values. With over 350 participating customers, I really feel like it sets my business apart from other local stores similar to mine. The family at LIFT does an amazing job at making each customer feel like their only client and provide me with feedback or ideas on how to make my program work even better for me. I recommend this program to any new or existing business who is looking for a way to set their business apart from their competition. Thank You”

* Mark Houle
Valhalla Boutique & Spa

“Sanda Gane European Day Spa has been using the Gift/Reward cards since 2006, and we have found that it is a fantastic tool, not only to bring in new guests but to retain our current clients. The card is used at our Florida location and both Atlanta Spas. Since the program began we have done a huge amount of gift card business. We currently have an outstanding balance of $182,896.00 (I hope these are not all redeemed next week). The outstanding reward balance is 1,166,183 which equates to $1.00 per point of full priced services or products sold, (we don't give points on discounted services or sale items). We have over 6,000 guests who have participated in the program, ALL who have provided us with customer information.

One thing that makes this card different from typical gift cards is the chip built into each of the cards. If you buy a gift card from Barnes & Noble or the Gap, the gift card is just like money. If the card is lost or stolen, if it gets destroyed or lost in the mail the money is gone. With the LIFT card we can track it with the number or the name registered on the card and if it is lost or stolen the card can be deactivated and a new card can be given out. This is a strong selling point that we tell each guest who purchases a card.

The card is a wonderful way to stay in touch with our guests. It gives us an advantage over our competition for retaining guests via the reward points. It also brings new guests into the spa and lets us show them how good we are and gain a new guest.

I can highly recommend the card, it is a tool that keeps working throughout the year.”

* Sanda Gane, Owner
European Day Spa & Hair Studio

“I have been with LIFT Network since 2005. The addition of their Gift & Loyalty program to my business has increased customer retention by around 20% and total sales by around 25%. My customers love getting points; and they come in more often because of it. They joke that they will one day "own" my establishment because they only need 10,000,000 points to do so (as is listed on my Loyalty Point Schedule). To date I have over $40,000 in outstanding gift cards and over a one million outstanding loyalty points. With almost 5000 participating customers, I have been able to capture valuable information for my database and send out special promotions to my best customers. We have "double point days" every Monday and Tuesday. This has increased those days sales about 20%. By having this Loyalty card, I can just imagine how many times my Restaurant Image is seen by my customers as they flip through their wallets/purses while not at my establishent. To top it off, the customer service with LIFT has always been outstanding and personalized. I have all my questions answered via email usually with in 5 minutes! I highly recommend this program to any small to medium size business who wants to increase sales.”

* Dave Ursini, Proprietor
Naples Rib Company

Latest Customer Letters

“If I had to give one piece of advice to any business owner who is thinking about starting a Rewards Card program it would be this: Your program is only going to be as successful as YOU make it! Our LIFT sales and service team have been very helpful in providing us with new and innovative marketing tips and tools that are very easy to implement. We have only been with LIFT for 7 months and have already received feedback from our customers who love to take advantage of our “Members Only” discounts and promotions. Our members get to participate in monthly specials including discounts on car washes, discounts on gas, free items in our store, etc. When non-rewards card customers see that our monthly specials are only for “rewards card members,” they ask us how to become a member, too. We advertise the program on every gas pump, in bi-monthly publications, and incent our employees when they sell the rewards cards. In this unstable economy, the LIFT program is a very simple and effective tool to set our business apart from the competition.”

* Cathy Thompson, Owner
Burnsville Parkway BP


"Calusa Animal Hospital has received very positive feedback from our customers about our Rewards Program. Since our implementation just over two years ago, we have found that our grooming customers especially use their Rewards Card religiously on each visit. In fact, we have issued almost $400,000 in cash back rewards, which is equivalent to almost 8 million dollars in customer spending. We also use the card to electronically collect customer data and offer an extra incentive for people who give us their email address. We love the reporting tools that LIFT offers as it lets us know who hasn’t come in for some time, monthly birthday’s and all our data can easily be exported to Excel. LIFT has saved us thousands of dollars from their no transaction fee pricing program and is always updating their database to give their customers the most up to date data available. Their customer service is always very personal and a pleasure to work with. We whole-heartedly recommend the LIFT program to any business!"

* Darlene Gibula, Office Manager
Calusa Animal Hospital